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10 things you never knew about Boners

October 24, 2015
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Don’t judge a book by its cover

A study performed in 1998, showed that smaller flaccid penises increased more in length than large ones. The huge penises might not be such growers as we think. This will definitely help some men who shy off because their penis size.

The forever boner

A condition referred to as priapism can make someone have a boner that lasts for at least 4 hours. Just the idea of that might sound thrilling, but unfortunately, it does not have that much pleasure. It can be painful and nerve-racking considering they it is not caused by sexual stimulation.

There are three types of boners

If you have the preconceived notion that all erections are the same, then I am more than glad to rid you of that awful idea. Boners are an interesting subject and are achieved due to different stimulation. Nocturnal erections are achieved at night, while psychogenic erections are achieved when someone watches an erotic film, or fantasize about something that ultimately makes them excited and rise to the occasion. Lastly, when someone performs a physical activity and the end result is sweat accompanied by stimulated genitals, then that boner is known as reflexogenic.

Other world erection

This is a special kind of erection, but one rarely seen. A post-mortem erection can be achieved if a man dies in an upright position. How is this possible you ask, as much as the body does not have a heartbeat, gravity still takes precedence and causes the accumulation of blood in the legs, as soon as the legs are filled up, the remaining blood finds its way into the penis tissue making it expand and an erection comes up. It sounds unbelievable, but it actually happens.

black-liquorice-donutsA donut, please

Men also have sensitive senses that can make them sport a boner by simply smelling delicious baked goods. The penis surely enjoys the scent of donut and black licorice as studies have proven that such scents boost blood flow to the penis by about 32%. That is more than impressive, keep those donuts coming. A blood flow increase of about 20% can be achieved by mixing the sweet aroma of pumpkin pie and donut. Surprisingly, men who enjoy a scent combination of pumpkin pie and lavender can achieve a 40% increase in penile blood flow. A man might appreciate good food, but baked goods hold the key to enhancing his boners.

The size of the ship

Studies conducted on 1661 men showed that the average penis length is 5.5”, with a 4.8” circumference. However, there is no specific variation that is applicable to every person. How someone attains arousal was found to determine the size of his penis during an erection. Erections achieved after sex were longer compared to those stimulated by fantasies.

Boneless boner

The penis might fool one that it does have a bone, considering how hard it gets, but it actually doesn’t contain a bone. The penis might actually be a bonafide king considering other mammals have a baculum that aids with sperm deposition. The penis continues to amaze.

Dreamland boners

Men must really enjoy their sleep as they typically experience a minimum of three erections during sleep. This happens to be highly beneficial and healthy as it keeps the tissue oxygenated. If you were worried that probably, your man had a problem due to the numerous erections he gets at night, then worry not because it just proves he’s healthy, and will stand attention when you need him to.

Boomerang penis

If you have already started doubting whether indeed such a penis exists, then I totally understand your skepticism. The penis only appears to have a boomerang shape when observed using an MRI machine. Part of it is concealed by the pelvis making it difficult to notice its interesting shape.

Unborn babies also get boners

I know the idea of an unborn baby having a boner might leave many people utterly speechless. A lot of doubting Thomas might actually need proof to confirm that it is indeed true. That delightful profile that you see on the ultrasound machine could be showing off an erection. As slight and unnoticeable as it may be, during gestation, genitals start development just about the 6th week, and the male fetus begins to get an erection by the 10th week.

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Staying Young Looking

October 22, 2015
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staying-youngStress is a short ugly word. It has big effect on health, physically and mentally. Stress also speeds up the aging process which is an undesirable effect on something that already happens to fast. Most people who seek physicians because they feel bad is usually due to a symptom of stress.

There are several things you can do to release stress from you day. The most effective is to meditate. Find a quiet place and spend at least ten minutes being quiet within you. No phones allowed in the quiet place, just you and you’re humming, chanting, praying or just with your eyes closed resting. Meditate however many times a day you can but at least twice to help reduce the pressure of the day.

Another great way to look and feel younger is with fatty acids. Omega 3 is a healthy addition to your daily intake and can be found in fish, or nuts like salmon and walnuts. There is a lot of power in this good fat because it helps reduce the signs of aging with radiant skin, mood stabilization, and reduced inflammation. 2 grams a day keeps the doctor away! Omega 3 makes you look and feel so much better.

Sitting in your favorite chair is not helping you. To look younger you have to feel younger. So get up and exercise to tone, build bone strength, and lose that spare tire. Your mood will improve and your looks will improve along with it. Use a treadmill, go to the gym, swim, dance or just walk around the house. But do it for at a minimum of ten minutes at least three times a week or more. If you like Yoga do it, borrow your grandkids bike and ride, whichever method you choose follow through with it.

Another great thing that is very healthy is to drink red wine. Now do not drink so much that you end up back in your chair! But at least two glasses a day is really good for you. Drink green tea; eat lots of pomegranates or goji berries. They are the “super fruit”. All of these suggestions lower cholesterol, blood pressure and protect the skin from the sun which is good since the sun causes rapid aging.

Keep your brain active with mentally challenging workouts. This helps memory and can help in the battle against Alzheimer Disease. Cover your body in Retinol! Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that will allow the old skin to peel away leaving the newer, younger skin to shine out for a younger look.

The best was saved for last for a reason; you can cover the exercise, mood stabilizing, reduce stress and improve cardiovascular health with passion in the bedroom. Yes, sex is a very healthy activity for the physical aspect as well as the mental. People stay younger feeling and live longer when they have love and passion in their daily lives. The health benefits are enormous, but the best part is that you feel younger and look younger too.

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How Skin Lotions Naturally Enhance Beauty

October 20, 2015
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skin-lotionsThe secret of having a beautiful skin is using skin lotions daily. If you are to get the best result, you need to be consistent in using these lotions. There are no ugly ladies, just lazy women. We know that beauty comes from within, and no amount of makeup can give it to you. Beauty is a combination of attitude and self-confidence. If you want to enhance your beauty, you need to use skin lotions daily.

Being beautiful is a journey that begins every day. Living in this modern generation has made things easier because you can always get a variety of skin lotions that best suits your budget and gives you awesome results. First, you should look for skin lotions that can moisturize your body. You can find these products all over be it in offline stores or on the internet. Using moisturizing skin lotions gives amazing feeling and provides astonishing results. These skin lotions make your skin elastic and soft.

If you had uncomfortable skin situations that make you feel too embarrassed to take off the jacket in public. You should not worry any longer because your time of exclusively wearing long-sleeved clothes to hide skin imperfections has ended. Regularly using skin lotions makes your skin imperfections a thing of the past. It is because sooner rather than later, you will have that skin that everyone admires. Always remember that your beauty is a matter of inner confidence, which nobody can take or give to you.

Before picking the kind of skin lotion you need, it is important that you carefully look at what ingredients are used to make it. The ingredients used determine the results that you will find. Studies show that body lotions with natural ingredients offer better treatment for problematic skins. Some of the commonly used ingredients include shea butter, grape seed oil, milk, Aloe Vera, antioxidants among others. Body lotions that have these ingredients naturally help the skin retain its beauty. They help moisturize the skin and make it less prone to allergic reaction. The secret to regaining your beautiful skin is to use moisturized body lotions daily. Remember that when it comes to your looks you should never trade it for anything. Always ensure that you buy skin lotions that have a lasting impact and gives you consistent results. The use of skin lotion is not a preserve of any gender both men and women can use it to enhance their looks.

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5 Anti-aging Secrets That Will Work For You

October 19, 2015
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You probably keep wondering why some peoples particularly women manage to maintain that youthful glow. I do too and I have made it personal mission to find out exactly what keeps their bodies young and fit, their skin so soft and their complexions radiant. Keep scrolling as you to know some of the anti-aging secrets unknown to many.

1. Be Keen on Diet

Good looking skin starts with the nutrients that you put into your body. The largest organ of the body is the skin and thus our diet has direct effects on how you visibly age.

Taking vitamin D supplements, eat plenty of fatty acids, they should largely be generated from natural sources like olive oil, as salmon fish and ground flax seed.

Drink a lot of water in all forms all day long. A liter of water in a day good minimum to start. However different bodies need different amounts of water, athletes’ body for example needs more water. Tea and coffee should also be in your diet but restrict yourself on alcoholic drinks. Red wine does contain beneficial antioxidants but can lead to dilation of blood vessels contributing to rosacea

2. Check on Your Exposure to Sun

Exposure to UV rays is the number one skin ager. Sun rays damage elastin and cause loss of collagen which leads to; drooping, a lost jawline and wrinkled skin. It also adds to discoloration and roughness texture. UV rays are also the leading cause of skin cancers. So simply stay away from direct sunlight!

Use a full spoon of sunscreen on your face, through your neck and ears. Walk also on shady sides of the streets. You need also to exercise either early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid sun. You can also wear UV protective clothing for all your outdoor escapades.

3. Pick Helpful Cosmetic procedures

There are a variety of skin chemicals and procedures out there. Some can actually regenerate cells. Try peels. A peel is a deeper process can stimulate collagen growth

4. Lotion Up

Daily moisturizing is the best defense against dry and aging skin. Applying lotion right after you get out of the shower seals the moisture that your skin had absorbed. Keep a moisturizer in your handbag, car to even apply on your hands which are usually the first to indicate aging.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause stress which leads to breakouts and a dull complexion. Don’t deprive your precious body and skin of slip; it uses that time to regenerate and recover from the day activities.

Everyone deserves an anti-aging beauty trick. Moreover who wants to look old? The above tips will see to it that you age gracefully.

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Maintaining Your Relationship When You Both Work Odd Hours

October 19, 2015
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We know that it takes commitment and time to make a relationship great but how can you do this when the both of you work odd hours during the week? If you work a night shift but you wife doesn’t, you can plan your dates for the day when the both of you are off. Another thing you can do is complete your chores during the time that your spouse is at work so you can sped more time together. Delegate some of the tasks to your older children so you can prepare for your date nights.

Here are additional tips on overcoming odd work schedules to improve your relationship.

Another idea is to seek out other ways to communicate with each other while you work odd hours. Send each other text messages during the day and take advantage of emails ad video services such as Skype. If your partner works out of town, call him often and mail out love letters during the week to let him know how much you love and appreciate him

You can use your partner’s absence to take time out for yourself so that you can enrich your relationship. Start a new hobby and discuss it with your partner by phone or email. Spend more time on your looks by getting a new hairstyle, buying new outfits and getting a pedicure. Visit the bookstore and purchase new books from your favorite authors. Take some online classes in your favorite subjects.If you have kids, take them on fun activities such as swimming, cooking classes and camping.

If the odd hours are stressing you out then see about getting a job where you can work the same hours. If this is not possible you can work from home doing virtual assisting, freelance writing, babysitting, tutoring or even starting your own home based daycare center. Check out online freelance opportunities and pass out flyers. B doing this you are making room for your partner.

In conclusion, your odd hours do not have to ruin your relationship because with the above mentioned strategies, you can maintain your relationship. If necessary, seek counseling so that you and your partner can work your problems out. Apologize and forgive when necessary and compliment each other. Visit each other during lunch breaks and arrange for local venues to check out during those breaks. Reduce stress by leaving work related matters on the job so you’ll have a relaxed atmosphere at home.

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How Much Sex Are College Students Really Having?

October 16, 2015
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collegeCollege is a great time to explore wonderful possibilities in life. More often than not, it is a passing rite for young adults who want to experience the best of both worlds—good and bad. It is the most awaited time when one is entitled to live separately from his or her parents, decide on the major things alone, and live without any adult overseeing how everyday is spent.

Of course, college involves going to classes and learning the many new things that will lead the path towards your future self. On top of that, it is when you will have many of your firsts in life—including sex, alcohol, smoking, and many more. Without a doubt, college indeed is one major milestone that will set the foundation for who you will become as a fully fledged adult in the future.

Despite the constant denial from parents who ought not to believe that their kids are most probably sexually active during this time, it is an undeniable fact that students go through different kinds of sexual experimentation in college.

Almost Everyone Has Sex During College

In a survey done to find out how much sex college students are really having, no respondent said that he or she was a virgin. About 18% of the total respondents were on the lower end of the record—which means they have sex every few months to a year. On the other hand, 12% claim that they have sex more than once a day, and 33% were sexually active at a rate of doing the deed a couple of times per week.

These digits are not even set out to convince young people to go to college. These are straight facts that were collected from real students by a condom brand.

Where and What They Usually Do

According to the same survey, most students prefer the girl-on-top position, which gained 32% of the total respondents’ votes. 28% prefer the missionary style, while 25% would opt for the doggy style. As young and adventurous people, college students are also known for wild sex. Majority of college students want some dirty talking while they had sex to add some spice to the mood.

Although most of the respondents state that they are open to trying out new things, such as locations, for their sexual adventures and hook-ups, 11% are still convinced that doing it inside the bedroom is the top choice. In total, about 29% of all college students have tried having sex in a public place, whether in the campus or not.

Out of all the numbers that come out in surveys showing how sexually active college students are, it is alarming to know that 51 to 61 percent do not use any form of contraceptive or protection. This happens as 25% of students are open to having sex with someone they barely know, and 42% were simply hooking up with their casual sexual partner.

Sexual Discussion

Here’s a great video of two college girls discussing sex in college.

Lastly, 58% of students who admitted having sexual relationships, whether casual or not, claim that they are very satisfied’ with their sex lives. Others are satisfied enough, while a meager 8% say that they deem their sex lives unsatisfactory. Whether they need to find the best personal lubricant to make it all better, or they simply need to find the right crowd, these people are still considered sexually active no matter what.

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Beauty Tip: Healthy Foods For Young Beautiful Skin

October 13, 2015
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It’s no secret that fast foods aren’t great for our health and in this case, our skin. Anything fatty is just a no-no. Supplements are a great way to increase health and in turn, provide for healthier skin in order to help with and maintain physical beauty. How about foods that give us the same results? Fish, for instance, with it’s omega-3 packed meat is quite healthy.

Here is a list of foods that have been proven to increase overall health and therefore, help us ladies look more beautiful.

health and beauty

1. Vitamin-C Rich Fruit – Not all fruits are high in vitamin-c, contrary to what most of us think. However, most fruit products are. Strawberries, oranges and other citrus products are rich in vitamin-c, which helps with hair and nail growth and can assist in providing us with radiant skin.

2. Coffee – I know, right? Coffee? You’ve got to be kidding me! No, we’re not. Recent studies have shown that one cup of coffee per day helps stave off skin cancer by about 10%. The more coffee consumed, the lower the risk of developing beauty-killing conditions such as nonmelanoma skin cancer. Of course, too much coffee is never good for you, so, like anything else, drink it in moderation.

3. Tomatoes – Who doesn’t eat a lot of tomatoes anyway? We ladies do like our salads and tomatoes come with the course. Tomatoes are chock full of lycopene, which is the carotenoid that makes them red. Lycopene helps prevent sunburn, which is never good for our skin.

4. Tofu – Although tofu isn’t for everyone, with the right flavoring one may learn to enjoy it in their meals. Recent studies have shown that it might be good for us ladies to start enjoying it, too. Rich in isoflavones, tofu can help preserve naturally occurring skin-firming collagen.

5. Salmon – As mentioned above, fish is very healthy. it’s omega-3 fatty acid meat prevents free radical damage caused by UV rays, which in turn helps with creating beautiful, younger looking skin. Learn to love fish ladies!
Take your supplements, sure, but make sure you eat healthy as well in order to get and maintain beautiful skin.

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